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Baby Vault

About Baby Vault

Latest Breakthrough in BSC

Baby Vault is the latest breakthrough in the BSC ecosystem. Holders of $BBVLT will not just earn $CAKE dividends; but their rewards will be auto-compounded every 3 hours for the highest possible returns. $BBVLT investors will earn high market-rate APR, and their rewards can be withdrawn at any time! If you have missed out on other previous trend-setting coins, then $BBVLT is not one you want to miss out on!!!

CAKE Reward

Enjoy automatic distributions of your rewards! Just hold $BBVLT and earn $CAKE dividends sent right to your wallet. Hold and Earn!


CAKE rewards are auto-compounded every three hours at the highest current market-rate APY. Choose to keep them in our Vault or withdraw anytime you want. The choice is yours!

Track Earnings

Curious about your earnings? You can track it in real-time along with the current APY right on our Baby Vault dashboard. Scroll over to our vault and watch how much your earn in passive income just by holding some $BBVLT!

Buy on Pancake Swap

Check out our fun tokenomics then go over to Pancake Swap to buy and hold some $BBLVT to start earning some $CAKE in our vault.


Total Supply

1,000,000,000 initial tokens available.


16% total tax for all buy and sell transactions.

Vault APR

Earn high market-rate APR on your $CAKE rewards. Withdraw at anytime or leave to compound!

Auto-Compounded Reward

12% of taxation will be distributed to holders as $CAKE and compounded in our Vault.

Liquidity Booster

2% of taxation will be used for Liquidity Boosting

Development & Marketing

2% of taxation will be used for further development and marketing of $BBVLT

Our Roadmap

Pre-Launch Roadmap

Twitter and Telegram Marketing

Create community and setup AMAs regarding the project

Run ads on Poocoin and other crypto related website

Daily CMS and other subreddit forums

Post-Launch Roadmap

Fast-tracked CG and CMG post launch

Trending service on Dextools

Create a successful launch

Setup more vaults for everyone

Contact us